🖋 — I helped someone remove a Pilot converter from their Vanishing Point. Pliers were needed! 😧

Neil Young and covers

My favourite Neil Young album is Dead Man (Music from and inspired by the motion picture).

I’ve often wondered why there is a mix of modern sounds—car engines—and the movie dialogue. Still it does not make it worse.

But Cortez the Killer—Neil’s song I most enjoy—is not on this album. Cortez the Killer, is a song that I could listen to all day. I often seek out new cover versions. Built To Spill and Slint both did excellent live versions.


Decided leave Dolby Atmos in the off state for my iOS devices. For me it lacks clarity (I don’t have lossless on) when listening with headphones.

I was able to switch between formats in the iOS settings: Dolby Atmos (Automatic | Off) to compare without much disruption.

The ‘Slint—Utica Quarry, Nighttime’ recording has a lot going on… 🎵🎛

Listening to @Brad and Pen Addict podcast ✒️ on the way to work this morning, and I hear an ad read for the service. Delightful!

This is also a good prompt for me to use more.


The less hassle, the better.

But directly translates to something more like ‘one more thing is not as good as one less thing’.

Unwinding in the dark with Mogwai –Young Team + Apple TV 4K screensavers.

Eighteen thousand feet above Taranaki

{ “{GPS}” = { Altitude = “5477.5970 m”; DateStamp = “2018:11:28”; DestBearing = “259.062”; Latitude = “39.014358 S”; Longitude =“174.192078 E”; Speed = “140.35 m/s”; TimeStamp = “05:39:47”; }; }

I do not understand the desire for a dark UI in a well lit environment. Even with matte screens, everything is more susceptible to distracting reflections if the screen is dark.

Just realised that the iPhone SE currently omits the carrier name up in the status bar beside the signal strength. I like this.

The Duck Duck Go search result pages look crisp these days.

As it happens, I was recently appreciating the Open Street Maps implementation in the results.

Quite surpried to see that it is now Apple Maps.

Wishing iOS on the iPad would render iPhone only apps as pop over applications (from the left or right). Rather than full screen portrait applications.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍