Curious songs, albums, and bands.

Songs, albums, and bands that have caught my attention at some moment. I’m going to attempt to order this list in decending levels of obscurity.

Big forever — Jessica Risker

Worth listening to the whole album/EP as one. The album art perfectly reflects the sounds of track three: Unstable Infulences.

A Doubtful Sound

Keep it Close

‘Easy on yourself, not everyones the same… …keep it to yourself… …not everyone survives… …Million miles away, million miles away’.

More I Know

Listen to this, get in a car and drive it fast.

Pablo Nouvelle — Jbel Sirwa

Beautiful piano. Can only imagine this the 3,304 metre peak in Morocco.

JPS Experience — Bleeding Star



On the album “I Like Tricky Music”. Other than individual uploads to YouTube, I have yet to find this on a Western streaming service.

Paul McCartney — Rupert the Bear

The Notwist

The Beatles

Bad To Me